Christ UMC Youth is more than just a ministry for teenagers, it's a ministry for the entire family. We believe that the greatest experience that students can have in our ministry involves connected parents who volunteer and stay informed. This page will help you stay connected with our latest meeting minutes and volunteer needs. Thanks for working with us to help your students have a stronger relationship with Christ!


Beth Lodwick: Please welcome our new administrative assistant for our youth ministry. She has been on staff here at the church for 9 years on the finance team, and now also works part-time on our youth ministry team.

Communication: We are trying to improve the ways that we communicate with our parents. Even though we have more ways to share information that ever, we want everyone to know the best ways to get the information that they need. These are listed in order of reliability.

For information about events: Seasonal Brochure and church newsletter (available through mail, at the church, on the church/youth website), youth website, social media, text updates.

For contacting Beth, Mike, or Tyler: Cell phone numbers for Mike (8508194569) and Tyler (8505278941). Text messages for quick responses, phone calls if you need to have a conversation, and email will get a response within 1 work day. Contact Beth by email for any questions about youth accounts or registrations (

Upcoming Events: Please check the Spring Brochure for a full list of our upcoming events. 

Important Summer Dates:  

June 1st: Summer Launch Luau 

June 8-12: Camp Lee

Junly 10-16: SIFAT

July 20-24: Middle School Mission Trip

Fundraising: You can always get the latest fundraising information on the home page of our website

Youth Bucks: To clear up confusion about terminology, "youth bucks" refers to real youth account funds that is in our fundraising budget. Please take advantage of our fundraising opportunities. 

Registration Policy: Our online registration policy has changed this year. When you are registering your students for a trip online, a deposit with a credit card is required to successfully place your student on the list. If you decide not to make a payment online, the student is placed on a waiting list until the payment is collected in person. If you want to use youth bucks for your payment, you must send an email to for the funds to be applied to your registration. As soon as we receive payment, your student will be moved from the waiting list to our registered list for the event.

Scholarship Form: We have a new form that is required for students to receive scholarship funds, which is just to help us keep better records of the scholarships we give out.

Let Us Help: Our passion is to lead students and their families to have a closer relationship with God. If there is anything we can do to be an encouragement to you or your student, please share that with us. We are looking forward to the opportunities that the Lord gives us to minister to your students!